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This range offers a comprehensive, affordable, quality tools for the DIY





The Midas style brand is a dynamic and innovative brand, relevant to

market trends with a strong focus on accessories.


Premium quality, exclusive to the Midas franchisee database. Leaders in

the automotive after-market sector within the accessories division.


Accessories comprises of the following:


  • Internal and external vehicle accessories
  • Mobile accessories
  • Hi Tech accessories and much more




This range encompasses a comprehensive, dynamic range of hand tools

offering a lifetime warranty. All tools are manufactured to the highest

quality standards to ensure hassle free usage. This range is suitable for

Workshops, Fitment centres and DIY.


Our commitment to perfection isn't constrained to craftsmanship alone. Persistent spotlight on statistical surveying, singular client

prerequisites and broad client criticism conventions have empowered us to give our clients today especially custom-made, full

administration programs highlighting vital item choice and provoke conveyance. Advancement and steady improvement, with enduring regard for observing quality.




Aplus is a leading manufacturer & exporter of suspension & steering parts for the automotive aftermarket industry since 1992. For the past 25 years, Aplus has been focused on increasing its export business to become industry leaders in exporting to Europe, North & South America and Africa.


Today, Aplus continues to be a world leader in the sector and the being an enterprising, powerful, dynamic and distinguishing company with its on-going investment projects, an annual production capacity of over 35 million and more than 18,000 items for passenger and heavy vehicle products range.




Brembo pads use the most advanced friction materials and come with a full range of accessories. When you chose Brembo, you're guaranteeing the best possible braking experience- every time.




Offers a wide range of wheel bearings, hub units to cater for your vehicle's requirements. The product is centred on quality and performance, carries a one year warranty, and holds ISO accreditation.


Our Pegasus kits come complete with the necessities required for a complete wheel bearing change, inclusive of dust caps, split pins, grease sachets, and nuts.




To ensure that your vehicle's suspension and braking system are working in unison, it's important to fit workshop quality and reliable shock absorbers. Don't let the road take a toll on your vehicle's road handling performance.


  • 24 month or 50, 000 km warranty
  • Vehicle specific applications
  • Workshop quality at affordable prices
  • Technical and country wide support




When performance and reliability are non-negotiable, VORTEX is the obvious choice. Vortex Constant Velocity Joints are technologically advanced, high precision products featuring state of the art casting and manufacturing process.


Vortex CV Joints are manufactured in accordance to OE specifications - resulting in a world class, TS16494 certified CV joint.




Is an extensive range of automotive chemicals that assists in enhancing the longevity of your vehicle, as well as the body work? The Midas Formula+ range is able to provide a solution to your needs of Greases/ lubricants, silicone sprays, cleaning agents, brake fluids, antifreezes/coolants, additives, interior car care, exterior car care, and sealants/ adhesives. The formula + range utilize premium chemical constituents in the make- up of the products in order to keep your vehicle running better and last longer.

Private Label